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Fox Music Band is a musical group that exists on the Chicago market since 2002. Founders are – Agnieszka and Daniel Wasinski.
       FOX Music Band has four albums: “Chcialbym Ci Powiedziec,” released in 2003, “Gadu Gadu” in 2004.
In summer 2005 the band released the album with Chicago Marszalek Band “Niebieskie lato”. Song became a big hit in the list of Top 15 at Polish Radio “Wietrzne Radio” 10.80 am and it become The Hit for 2005.
      In 2006 the band released another disc, Solo Album (with the exception of two songs borrowed from Zhanny Friske) “Nasza Historia” also was a summer hit, and “Gdzie to Lato” (Zhanna Friske).
       In December the same year, Fox was nominated for “Artist of the Year” awarded by the Wietrzne Radio 10.80 am. In January 2007, at the 7th WR carnival, Fox was awarded from the Mandaryny – Marta Wisniewska,
       November 3rd, 2007, at club Accent Caffe, FOX had their premier for the song “Nielegalni “.
      January 26, 2008 at the 8th Ball of Wietrzne Radio, 10.80 am FOX received another award for “Artist of the Year”
      This is the second year running FOX receives a statuette for the Artist of the Year…
      February 16, 2008 at Copernicus Center F,ox had his brief appearance in front of two thousandth audience before “Czerwone Gitary” concert.
      August 24, 2008, Fox was invited to American television ABC7 – Chicago. Program hosted by Bill Campbell who conducted a brief interview with members of the Fox. Fox performed two famous hits in the TV studio by ABC7 request.



























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